Foot bone skeleton

Verruca treatment

Verrucas are viral warts which normally go by themselves.  However, sometimes they become painful and debilitating and may require treatment. The treatments are normally aimed at causing irritation to the verruca with either caustics (acids) or cryotherapy (freezing) which stimulates the body’s own immune system to fight the viral infection.


Verrucas need to be assessed carefully as there are many different types which require varied treatments.  The patients’ health, age, lifestyle and footwear all have to be considered in formulating a treatment plan.

Wilde Pedique toenail correction

Wilde Pedique is a gel system specifically for toenails to hide ugly deformities.  It is flexible, very durable and has anti fungal properties.


This treatment is the way to achieve a normal looking toenail safely and effectively. Wilde Pedique can hide scaly and deformed toenails (after intervention from the Podiatrist), it protects re-growing nails after injury.  It grows out with the new nail, can be painted with nail varnish and treated as a normal nail. The system banishes the embarrassment of nail deformities.  


Elisabeth has extensive experience in using this system.

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The three treatments Elisabeth offers at the clinic are


  • Cryotherapy

  • Caustic therapy (normally 60% salicylic acid)

  • Sleek tape occlusive therapy