Foot bone skeleton

Prescription insoles & Orthotics

These are devices which fit into your shoe, either bespoke-made or “off the shelf” which “correct” the position of the foot and alleviate painful foot problems or sports injuries. They can help with various musculo-skeletal problems and pain such as with Osteo and Rheumatoid arthritis, sports injuries and more every day problems such as heel, forefoot pain and bunions.

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Bespoke orthotics are made by taking a plaster of paris cast of the feet.  The cast is then sent off to a lab where it is scanned and a bespoke device is made to the Podiatrist’s requirements.  This type of orthotic is reserved for more unusual or extreme foot types and problems.


Insoles are off the shelf devices for the shoe which come in many types of materials which can either control abnormal movement in the foot or cushion and shock absorb.


Elisabeth has a keen interest in these types of treatments and can source whatever you need for your specific problem.


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